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At Appreciated Estates Inc., we specialize in a range of services that enhance your quality of life and increase your property’s resale value or rental income.

Services for homeowners, property managers, real estate agents, and even tenants.

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Interior Decorating

Grey, white, and brown living room design. Minimalist and a family friendly room.

Enhancing a home’s décor is important for making a house feel like your home. Our interior decorating services are dedicated to crafting spaces that truly resonate with you and your family, without changing the existing floorplan. The purposes of the rooms may be altered, but the fundamental structure of the real estate will remain unchanged.

We harmonize colors, shapes, textures, lighting, art, plants, and furnishings to create a cohesive and comforting environment. Consistency in our design style is maintained within each space, ensuring that any modifications align with the room’s overall design.

Our interior decorating services are for homes where there is no need for structural changes, instead the home simply needs a fresh look and minor repairs. Contact us, to rejuvenate your home and life.

Home Staging

At Appreciated Estates Inc., we pride ourselves on being able to increase the property value of any home. Home staging increases the perceived value, which is what matters when selling a home.

Home staging is basically an interior decorating rental, which allows current homeowners to furnish a home they are selling. Interior decorating is necessary for selling a house, but it doesn’t make sense to purchase furniture when you are about to move. Well, home staging allows you to furnish your home for much cheaper and without worry of moving furniture after selling your home. At the end of every home staging project we provide a sale price of all furniture and accessories, allowing you and the homebuyers to decide if they want your home decorated as-is.

Through our home staging services we provide essential maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, touching up paint, painting walls, removing popcorn ceilings, removing personalized design elements, and more. Our experts will address any other potential concerns that may deter prospective homebuyers.

We purchase and/or rent furniture to provide these services, unless we have an unused piece in our catalog that fits the design we agree upon. Like any of our pieces?

Home staging with a country touch and feel.

Interior Design

Color samples, fabric samples, texture samples.

At Appreciated Estates Inc., we prioritize in creating rooms that are comfortable and not cluttered. We believe in the power of simplicity and strive to help our clients achieve tranquility. Our specialty is minimalism, as it is a style that feels more welcoming and affordable. Less is more in interior design!

Our cost-friendly interior design services involve searching for inexpensive and sale items that fit your design goals. This is a process where we fix problems affecting your home’s design and ensure the furniture and accessories blend well together. We will set everything up in your home simply using measurements to determine the perfect placement of each item. This makes the process much faster and cheaper for our clients. Floor plans are expensive, time-consuming, and unnecessary!

We specialize in crafting spaces that are both comfortable and practical for our clients, while aligning with their unique style preferences. Appreciated Estates Inc. creates designs that connect to the current homeowner, while also being suitable for future owners.

Professional Organizing

Have a lot of clutter? We create storage solutions, such as adding shelves, folders, and bins, to help bring peace and order into your life. Our services focus on creating organization solutions throughout the house. You likely have items in rooms they don’t belong, so organizing the whole house at once would provide a longer lasting solution for you and your family.

We will need to provide general cleaning services vary in our pricing based on how clean the space already is. Cleanliness is essential for effective organization, which is why spaces must be kept tidy. Obviously a house just needing swept will require less manual labor than a house requiring a metal bin to remove junk from the house. Your home deserves a fresh start, as even a small mess can quickly spiral out of control. After providing our organization services, it is our hope that you will never need help organizing again.

Organized home studio. Organizing paint supplies.

Make Your Home Move-In Ready

Utensils that everyone needs for cooking. Some items we include in our move-in ready services.

Appreciated Estates Inc. offers services to assist individuals in moving into a new home or rental but feel unprepared for the transition. This saves individuals a bunch of time. How? You won’t have to worry about taking 10 trips on the bus or in a taxi for furniture, linens, pots, pans, plates, utensils, cleaning supplies, medicine, containers, etcetera.

We will take care of everything you and your family need to move into your new residence. All you have to do is tell us the types of items you need for your new home. Need something specific? Tell us. This could include items that are plant-based, a certain cleaning product, cooling blankets, a range of spices/ condiments, branded medicine, or towels made with Egyptian cotton. No matter what you will receive high-quality goods at prices we consider to be reasonable.

Once you receive the keys to your new home, we’ll organize everything meticulously using numerous containers, ensuring each item finds its rightful place. Let us do the shopping for you, so you can focus on other things. We have expertise in shopping for items on a budget without compromising on quality, saving you valuable time and money.

Real Estate Photography

Boost your visibility on real estate listing platforms by presenting quality photographs and videos of your property. A picture is your house’s first impression online. A high-quality photo is what initiates the potential buyer to research the property and set up a viewing. Through this research, the potential buyers should see a 2 to 3 minute video of your home. This will allow them to get an understanding of how the home feels, before a viewing.

We specialize in creating professional real estate photographs and videos that highlight your property’s characteristics, assisting potential buyers and renters picture themselves within the home. Don’t underestimate the importance of posting great photos and videos online. Prospective buyers decide to book a viewing based on images and videos, as that is how they can envision themselves within a space.

Let us help you showcase your property in the best possible light and get the value you deserve. We can also feature your property on our website, if you are leasing it!

Camera on a tripod.

Drone Photography

Dji Mini 3 Pro for real estate exterior photography services.

For the homeowners who want to lease or sell their home, a video of your home’s exterior can make a real estate listing look absolutely FANTASTIC. We will hover around your home with our drone, showcasing the home’s exterior and the property. As location is everything, we will also fly the drone to 400 feet (maximum altitude) and showcase the surrounding amenities from a distance. Location is what matters to most buyers and this will give them the opportunity to find out if the property is right for them.

Our drones all have 4K capability and weigh under 250 grams, meaning fewer restrictions than larger drones, allowing us to capture stunning aerial footage without any complications. Please note, we need permission from surrounding homes and in some circumstances, from the township/city. We take care to ensure we adhere to all relevant regulations, ensuring yours and others safety, privacy, and satisfaction with our services.

Let us capture your home’s exterior in a breathtaking and memorable way, creating the perfect advertisement for your property.

Are you looking to sell or lease a home? We also provide marketing and advertising services for clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us!